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Nose Hair Trimmer Professional, Nose Hair Trimmer For Men, Ear And Nose Trimmer, Electric Nose Clipper, Ear Hair Trimmer, Hair Trimmer For Nose, Nose Clippers, Black, Easy & Safe To Use

Jan 10,2020 18:52:06 UTC

Why Customers Choose This Nose Hair Trimmer Professional For Men 

1. Help yourself feel confident again with this electric nose clipper. Walk in public yourself or with your significant other and feel proud to be you with your new look.

No more dealing with the embarrassment of others staring.


2. Somebody close to you that needs this product? The ear and nose trimmers are the perfect gift for your friend or loved one.

Surprise them with a gift that they likely knew they needed but might have been too embarrassed to walk into a store and purchase one.


3. Worry-free. This electric nose trimmer is both safe and easy to use.

You can use this waterproof nose trimmer confident that you won’t nick, cut, or scrape the inside of your nose or ear.

Just make sure to use with care and you’ll never have to worry about that.


4. Satisfaction guaranteed. Our customers have been very satisfied with their purchase so we’re sure you’ll be quite satisfied.




1. Battery Installation – Remove the battery cover and insert a “AA” battery (not included). 

Ensure the positive and negative ends are facing the correct way. Slide the cover back on. After battery needs replacing, ensure of proper disposal of battery.

2. Instructions For Use – a. Remove blade cap. b. slide the switch to the “ON” position. c. Carefully place the blade of the trimmer to your nose or ear to cut out the undesired hair.

*Can also be used for shaping eyebrows.

3. Cleaning Trimmer – a. Be sure the switch is in the “OFF” position before cleaning. b. Proceed to clean the blades with the provided brush.



[EASY & SAFE TO USE] – If you require a nose or ear hair trimmer but worried about the safety of using one, then this product is for you. We’ve specially designed electric nose trimmer to be as safe as possible without the worry of cuts, nicks, or scrapes with proper use.
[CLEAN & PRECISE] – Nose hair trimmer professional is great for making your nose area nice looking and clean. Look a lot younger with the use of this product. Get the exact depth of cut you’re aiming for. Ensure to clean the blades with the included brush to keep the nose hair trimmer running nicely.
[BATTERY POWERED] – This waterproof nose trimmer is very convenient and portable. It’s powered by a single AA battery (not included). Keep in your shaving kit to be used at home or while traveling. Discreet but sleek. The size helps keep your nose clippers in private view only.
[HIGH-QUALITY] – Our company brings this nose hair trimmer travel to the market. The material is quite durable, so you don’t need to worry about much wear and tear in the long run. The blades are made of top-quality stainless steel.
[VALUE] – Our team works endlessly to bring the greatest quality products to the market with an affordable price. We try our best to listen to our customer feedback and make highly requested changes. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied.

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